The entire line of BioCycle Products are available in Concentrate form. The concentrated form of BioCycle, DTX and BioCycle Plus allows for an economical and strategic way for a feed mill to include in a producers vitamin/mineral or protein premix. 

Ask your local Agrarian Solutions representative about adding any of these great products in a concentrated form.

Product Information


Select BioCycle Concentrate (Product #9051) 

Select BioCycle is recommended when performance improvement are needed in reproduction and overall herd health. Select BioCycle is not appropriate when mold-challenged feeds are the major problem. Select BioCycle contains two separate L-form bacteria, enhancing the function and population of the microflora in the lower gut. Select BioCycle also contains both yeast culture and live cell yeast that produce a broad range of metabolites including B-vitamins, a broad based enzyme package to enhance nutrient digestions, specialized protein for the unexpected challenges, microbial sugars for the nourishment of other gut microbes and potassium iodide to enhance metabolism. Inclusion Rate: 5 grams (0.011 lbs.) per head per day.

Select DTX Concentrate (Product #1025)

Unlike clay and mannaoligosaccharides based binders, Select DTX is an effective alternative. Select DTX is a unique direct-fed microbial that is formulated using l-form bacteria. Select DTX is designed specifically
for feed challenges caused by molds and their metabolites. Select DTX should be fed when: feed ingredients are in poor condition; when symptoms are present and when feed assays show problems. Common signs of these problems are: loose manure, low or erratic feed consumption, reduced milk production, elevated somatic cell, and poor reproductive performance including weak heats, cystic cows and even abortions. Select DTX modulates the immune system to assist the cow when faced with these challenges.
Inclusion Rate: 9 grams (0.02 lbs.) per head per day. Select BioCycle Plus is a complete product that combines the benefits of Select BioCycle and Select DTX. 

Select BioCycle Plus Concentrate (Product #9099)
Plus is recommended when there is a combination of breeding, production and herd health problems stemming from mold-driven challenges. Inclusion Rate: 10 grams (0.022 lbs) per head per day.

The BioCycle Products Concentrate Program includes assistance in trouble-shooting, reproductive analysis and mycotoxin testing. Ask your local Agrarian Solutions representative about adding any of these great products in a concentrated form.