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BioFresh Soluble

Give Fresh Cows a Fresh Start

SKU: 11026

BioFresh® Plus Soluble is ideal for use in fresh cow drenching protocols or anytime a farm is experiencing metabolic disorders. A water dispersible powder that uses the same base ingredients as BioFresh® Bolus (proven effective to reduce LSCC*), BioFresh Plus Soluble is also fortified with 54 grams of calcium propionate and 12 grams of niacin. University research shows a decrease in hypocalcemia (milk fever) when cows are dosed with calcium propionate at freshening and again 12 hours later. University research also shows a decrease in ketosis when cows are fed 12 grams of niacin during the 21-day pre-fresh period.


Ingredients: Equivalent of one BioFresh bolus PLUS one tube of calcium gel and a high level of niacin.

Focus: Fresh cow metabolic disorders

Feeding Rate: Dose 3 ounces per day for up to three consecutive days

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