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Convert Ranch Pack

Don't let your calves have a bad day!

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Historically, producers have used milk replacers containing sub-therapeutic levels of antibiotics. Recently this practice is being scrutinized citing the potential for resistant strains of bacteria, the higher cost of milk replacers, as well as noting the antibiotic levels are ineffective in preventing disease as reasons to discontinue this practice. Recommendations have been for producers to replace the use of sub-therapeutic antibiotics with proven practices such as good colostrum management, biosecurity protocols, feeding coccidiostats and direct-fed microbials.

CONVERT™ Calf Products are a special blend of naturally occurring direct-fed microorganisms (Enterococcus faecium, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium), unique and proprietary L-form Lactobacillus, microbial sugars, enzymes and specialized proteins. These ingredients provide essential management tools for production and environmentally related challenges. These products do not contain antibiotics and are proven to be safe and effective.


Ingredients: Blend of naturally occurring direct-fed microorganisms, L-form Lactobacillus, microbial sugars, enzymes, and specialized proteins.

Focus: Healthy calves feeding

Feeding Rate: Up to four scoops at birth and one dose per day for 20 days added to milk or milk replacer

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