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Poultry Aid Plus

Reduce Early Mortality and Earn!

SKU: 6945

Poultry Aid Plus® can make a significant difference in reducing early poultry mortality by dealing with gram negative organisms both enzymatically and with gut acidification.

Some products may bind important minerals and generally have a high inclusion rate in the diet. Poor quality feeds continue attacking poultry and their internal organs. Ultimately the damage is still happening and will take its toll on health, production, reproductive and immune system failure. Increasing the nutritional plane is a solution that will only mask the real problem and can be quite expensive.

Poultry Aid Plus® is a unique direct-fed microbial product that is more effective than other direct-fed microbials because of the presence of L-form bacteria.

Poultry Aid Plus® is designed specifically for environmental feed challenges caused by molds and their metabolites. Common signs of these problems are: reduced growth, poor feed conversion, increased mortality/morbidity, poor vaccine response, bruising, increased processing condemnations, oral lesions, decreased egg production, and lower egg shell quality.

Poultry Aid Plus® enhances the immune system to assist poultry when faced with these challenges

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