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Select BioCycle Plus Ultimate

Enhance High-Energy and High-Protein Rations

SKU: 9094

Select BioCycle Plus Ultimate™ is designed for high energy, high protein rations, typically found in lush grass and late cuttings of haylage. Rations containing high levels of these forages are candidates to utilize Ultimate. Ultimate is formulated to maximize rumen microbe populations providing a more thorough utilization of protein in the ration. An

increase in microbial protein results in an increase in milk protein and milk. An additional benefit of improved protein utilization within the rumen is a reduction of milk urea nitrogen (MUN) levels. MUN levels in excess of 16 mg/dl have shown to have a negative impact on pregnancy rates.

Ultimate contains BioCycle Plus as its base ingredient which offers immune system improvement and assistance against mold-challenged feeds. In addition to the BioCycle Plus base, Ultimate contains increased levels of enzyme potency and microbial sugars. Ultimate adds an additional enzyme, pectinase, that break down pectins (complex carbohydrates) found in plants. Rumen-protected forms of copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt have also been added.

Herds that are experiencing MUN levels greater than 16, along with more than usual events of early embryonic death, should consider including Ultimate in the ration


Ingredients: Ultimate contains BioCycle Plus as its base ingredient and Ultimate contains increased levels of enzyme potency and microbial sugar

Focus: Enhance high energy and high protein rations

Feeding Rate: One-half ounce per head per day for lactating dairy cows

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