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Our Technology

Our Technology

L-Form Bacteria

The key to Agrarian’s proprietary and cutting-edge technology is the use of L-form bacteria. No other product in the market contains this technology and the subsequent benefits that it provides. Named for the Lister Institute in the U.K. which did the pioneering work in this field, L-form cells are merely conventional bacteria that no longer have a complete cell wall. Absence of the cell wall affects their size and it is now known that these smaller versions of conventional bacteria can cross mammalian cell membranes without harming the host animal. And, therein lies the beauty of this technology.

L-form bacteria do their jobs inside of animal cells! Our technology is based on beneficial bacteria which are adapted to perform specific functions, such as improving the balance of intestinal immune functions, reducing the burden of pathogenic bacteria, or dealing with feed-borne toxins that can affect performance and health of animals. Adapted bacteria are then induced to cell wall deficient status. After stabilizing these organisms to survive environmental conditions, they are fed to livestock where they populate the cells lining the intestinal tract. From that location they perform the functions for which they were developed.

The advantage this technology has over other feed additives lies in the fact that other agents have to operate within the huge cavernous volume of the gastrointestinal tract, while ours function within the bordering cells of the intestine. There they do their jobs and influence the overall health and metabolism of those intestinal cells, even if the primary reason for their development is not present at the moment they enter the intestinal cells.

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