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DTX Defend Protect

DTX™ - Defend & Protect

Dairy producers and nutritionists have been supplementing the unique Select DTX™ Concentrate product to lactating dairy cows challenged by mycotoxins and observing greater milk production, better herd health and improved pregnancy rates for over 25 years. This controlled, third-party research study was conducted at a large, high-performing Holstein herd to demonstrate the production and reproduction benefits of feeding DTX to early-lactation dairy cows when challenged by deoxynivalenol- (DON) and zearalenone-contaminated diets.

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Ruminate This Concept1

Ruminate This Podcast - Launched April 1, 2024

Ruminate This with Agrarian Solutions is the best resource for all things mycotoxins. What they are, how they affect livestock, and the impact they have on producers. In each episode, we will discuss cause and effect, and strategies you can implement to get the most from livestock feedstuff. Tune in on the first, third, and fifth Monday of each month as we discuss the latest research and speak with experts in the industry about how mycotoxins impact the health and performance of livestock. It's a mix of interviews, special co-hosts, and solo shows from Agrarian Solutions. Subscribe Now!

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BIOFRESH Microbial Bolus

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Select DTX

Combats Environmental and Feed Related Challenges
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What Makes Agrarian Different

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Superior Technology

The Agrarian proprietary technology works within the intestinal cell wall to improve immune function, reduce the burden of pathogens, and combat feed-borne toxins that effect the performance and health of the animal.

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The Agrarian Advantage

Agrarian’s cutting edge technology coupled with our responsive customer service, set us apart in our quest to provide global solutions for improving the health and performance of your animals.

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Understanding Problems

Mycotoxins and other challenging pathogens can severely impact animal productivity, increase incidence of disease due to immunosuppression, damage vital organs, and interfere with reproductive capacity.

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“We have been using CONVERT Calf Gel for the past four years on calves, lambs and stressed animals and love the product! Its ability to get microbiomes started right and promote animal health is something we’ve come to rely on as we strive to keep our herds and flocks healthy. We also use CONVERT frequently in times of stress and illness, to give solid supportive care to our livestock.”


"I go through calving season now treating very few calves and I can see the improved weight gains because of giving them Convert Gel."

Tyler Remington, Remington Ranch

"We tried combinations of products before, all claiming to control mycotoxins, none have worked as well as BioCycle Plus has."

Ed Byers

"We’ve used Biofresh Boluses for over 6 years and nothing we have tried works better to get cows eating either after calving or upset stomachs."

Bill Evers

"By including Select DTX in the bull ration for 50 days prior to BSE testing, I saw dramatic improvement in the bulls' BSE tests and 10% better morphology."


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