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The Agrarian Advantage

Why Do We Do What We Do

At Agrarian Solutions®, our mission is to empower others to succeed. Within each of us lies the spirit of a champion. We aim to stand by your side and support you as you seize every opportunity that comes your way. Whether it's lending a helping hand, offering a quality product, providing uplifting words, or simply sharing a smile, we are committed to assisting those we interact with. From our collaboration with local livestock producers to our relationships with product distributors, vendors, suppliers, and end users, our goal is to uplift and empower you to R.I.S.E. to any challenge. Agrarian Solutions®: We exist to help others succeed!

Core Values

Relational (…we care about others)

Integrity (…a representation of your true character)

Strategic (…growth with fiscal responsibility)

Excellence (…in all things)

How We Are Different

Agrarian Solutions, incorporated in 1996, is a world leader in the provision of beneficial cell-wall deficient (L-Form) bacteria-based technologies for the enhancement of health, performance, and reproductive efficiency in domestic livestock and poultry. With an inventory of additional microbial products, Agrarian supplies branded products through its agricultural partners in the United States and abroad. From assisting producers in overcoming challenges in neonatal health to promoting balanced regulation of intestinal immunity to relieving the impacts of environmental challenges in feed, to assisting in reproductive performance, Agrarian's L-Form technology-based products have a consistent record of success in helping farmers maintain both healthy animals and a positive bottom line! Agrarian's business philosophy with agricultural enterprises is simple: service to clients through products offering cost-effective results and based on sound scientific approaches. Our personalized approach to the customer sets us apart. Thousands of satisfied customers will testify to Agrarian’s quick responsiveness and customer focus. Agrarian Solutions provides Unique Microbial Solutions for Livestock Challenges!

Your Animal Can Tell The Difference

There are more than two hundred bacterial products sold for animal production benefits. So, what sets Agrarian’s L-Form microbials apart from the pack? Consider this analogy. Two homes with fenced yards need additional security. The owners each buy a guard dog. Owner #1 turns his guard dog loose in the neighborhood; owner #2 puts his dog inside his fenced yard. Which home is better protected? With DFM, almost all work throughout the lumen (center) of the intestinal tract. Only one kind, Agrarian L-Forms, actually get inside the epithelial cells lining the intestine. Both bacterial types, just like both of the guard dogs, have a basic range of functions that CAN help the animal, but the L-Form does its work “inside the fenced yard”, just like the second guard dog! It’s a matter of location and one that maximizes the potential for the bacterium to function. You can settle for some activity out in the intestinal lumen or you can have it all with epithelial cell-located L-Form DFM. Agrarian has L-forms that control Gram negative bacteria (such as Salmonella), thwart feed-borne challenges and give balanced regulation to intestinal immune functions. Regular DFM can work against Gram negative bacteria, but they will have uncontrolled influence on immunity; too much stimulation of immunity is unhealthy for cows and other animals. None will control your mycotoxin problem. Looking at the package, you may not be able to tell a difference between regular DFM and Agrarian L-Form DFMs; but, your cow can tell!

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