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Convert™ - Not your ordinary DFM

By: Chad Christensen, Agrarian Solutions - Regional Sales Representative

I often get questioned about why Convert is different than other calf products. In short, as I would say about all of Agrarian Solutions’ products, it’s about the L-Form Bacteria. I am not a microbiologist, nor do I try to be one, so in simple terms L-Forms are unique bacteria benefiting the animal in ways that other direct-fed microbials (DFMs) cannot.

Another question I often get is why not more colony-forming units (CFUs) on the label? Again the answer is simple, it’s all about the L-Form bacteria! Don’t be fooled by just picking the product with the most CFUs. High levels are needed because shelf life is an issue with traditional bacillus’. Bacteria in L-Form status are shelf life stable so there is no question that beneficial bacteria is delivered to your livestock that actually still has life available. If you have worked with Select Sires in the past 20 years you likely have heard success stories from Convert.

The industry offers many direct-fed microbial products and although the Agrarian line of products fits into that category, just remember these are not your ordinary DFMs. L-Forms are proprietary to Agrarian Solutions making us the only company in the world to offer this technology. Blending this technology with specific specialized proteins to counter challenges that calves struggle with in the first 3 weeks of life makes Convert very unique.

Convert’s flexibility makes it an option for all dairy or beef calves because of multiple option doses. Sales tell us that the multi-dose tube of gel is the main preference. This is available in a single dose 15cc tube as well.

If giving a bolus is preferred, we offer a full dose called Convert Day One Bolus. If a half dose is desired there is also a bolus called The Convert Calving Season Bolus.

Convert Ranch Pack is a popular option with many dairies because it’s in powder form to be mixed in with milk or milk replacer. Many producers utilize the benefits by adding it in the milk up to 21 days of age.

It is important to keep in mind that all options are effective, it’s simply about how producers prefer to administer Convert to the calf. The flexibility of options allows producers to utilize the one-two punch of stable L-form Bacteria and bovine specific specialized proteins providing all the protection newborn calves will need.

Take advantage of the 20% discount that we are offering on all of the Convert line now through June.

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