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Convert To The Rescue

By: Dan Hoying, Regional Sales Representative, Agrarian Solutions

In a perfect world, a pregnant cow (dairy, beef) spends her last several months in a stress-free world, eating a nutritionally complete diet. She is the beneficiary of a quality vaccination program that provides adequate antibodies in her colostrum. She calves in a disease-free environment. Her calf gets quality colostrum in the first several hours of their life and thrives with little stress from weather, disease or nutrition and develops a good acquired immune system.  The problem is we don’t live in a perfect world.  Sometimes calves are born from a dam with an inadequate vaccination program or from a dam that has been fed a poor-quality diet containing mycotoxins/molds.  All of this coupled with the natural stresses from the environment, disease, overcrowding or poor management can result in calves that do not get an ideal start. This is why there is Convert™.

We all know these calves are the future of any producer's business and livelihood. Research shows poor nutrition and inadequate disease control in young calves are the two main reasons why calves are NOT able to reach their genetic potential.  Industry professionals are calling these calves “Peter Pan” calves because they never grow up! Reduction of antibiotic use is mandatory in today’s production agriculture. You are already choosing bulls that have traits (calf livability, respiratory disease and scours) to help calves deal with stress early in a calves’ life, so you understand the value of keeping calves healthy during their early days of life. Beef producers have seen tremendous success using Convert at birth to boost Colostrum or by using as a treatment to help calves deal with stress from disease, weather stress or poor environment.

Disease specific antibodies and probiotics are alternatives being considered and both are in Convert calf products.  Convert is a proactive, antibiotic-free method of preventing disease. Convert can work by boosting the cow's colostrum on day one or treating sick calves early in life. Ingredients in Convert will help improve the calf's immune system and control the disease specific organisms that cause scours, all without any antibiotics. Convert is available in gel, bolus or powder form.  

Convert is available in different formulas to meet your customer’s needs:
• Milk based powder to add to milk/milk replacer. Can be added to robotic calf feeders. Can be top dressed to weaned dairy/beef calves. Fed at a maintenance level will provide daily help and help support strong gut health and immune systems to ward off disease.
• Gel formula to provide individual treatment and ease of handling product.
• Bolus formula to provide individual treatment or prevent gel freezing.
• New individual single dose tube to prevent disease transmission and ensure treatment protocol is correctly done. 

Convert, for the imperfect world in which we live.

Take advantage of the January - February special and help get your producer's calves off to a great start.