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Is a Colostrum Replacer worth it?

Is a Colostrum replacer worth it?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Is a Colostrum replacer worth it? Research confirms that producers should consider using a colostrum replacer to ensure that the potential transfer of pathogens from dam to calf is minimized.  As a producer, it is critically important to get your calves off to a great start.  A proper colostrum management program can help create healthy calves which leads to high yields. One way to achieve this is by using a high-quality colostrum replacer like Convert ImmPower(R) TBC. The calf requires these important components in colostrum; Ig proteins, specialized proteins, fat, vitamins, and minerals.

Calves need immune transfer in the form of colostrum within a few short hours after birth before the gut no longer allows absorption of the most critical immune molecules. Without protection, calves are at risk of becoming infected with disease needing treatment, reduction in overall lifetime performance and sometimes even death. When a calf is born it needs to receive appropriate amounts of colostral fat to assist its metabolism for energy.  Having the proper amount of colostral fat allows the calf to shiver in cold temperatures, which in turn prevents hypothermia. On the other side of the coin, in hot temperatures, colostral fats will provide the energy needed to allow the calf to pant and stay cool.

Colostral fat gets the calf up, keeps it alive, and leaves it desiring its next meal. Depending on what you are in search of, convenience or peace of mind, a colostrum replacer is an excellent opportunity for optimizing calf health and herd efficiencies.

Is a colostrum replacer worth it? Colostrum replacers should be considered if you are looking to reduce the time required to handle your own colostrum, wish to reduce the spread of disease in your herd such as calf-hood diseases like scours and pneumonia, or if you simply don’t have enough good quality maternal colostrum on hand. You also may want to supplement with a colostrum replacer if you want to boost the quality of the colostrum already on premise, wish to feed small amounts for days after birth for extended immune protection, see a calf attempting to suckle but really want the peace of mind to ensure the calf gets what it needs.

It is crucial that your calves get started on the right track. And the best way to do that is with a colostrum replacer that is made from natural bovine colostrum, such as Convert ImmPower TBC. It is quick, pure, safe, potent, convenient, and best of all, effective.

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