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One Plus One Equals...?

The immune system of the cow, or you, for that matter, is an amazing piece of evolutionary success. Think of almost any other biological function in your heifer and you will find her immune system is intimately intertwined with that function. After a few days on an unchanged TMR, adjust any single item, say vitamin or mineral concentrations, a new feedstuff, energy level, etc. and you can measure a very rapid immune response in your cow. It could be a desirable or an undesirable response, but it will be a response. And, one response invariably leads to a cascade of reactions multiplying the first response many-fold.

But, let’s get back to the start. Too often in talking about the immune system, we compartmentalize it for ease of discussion; we tend to overlook that huge interrelationship it has with all other bodily processes. Healthy functionality of the intestinal tract is dependent on the cells of the epithelial lining being attached closely to each other. Tight junctions, an important part of the intestinal immune system, prevent unwanted molecules, say mycotoxins, from passing through unaffected by the enterocytes’ native rejection mechanisms. When tight junctions fail, the additives you use to control such toxic challenges also begin to fail as free toxin goes directly into lymph or bloodstream. And a vicious cycle begins: further tight junction failure, increased gut inflammation, physical modifications in villus structure reducing the efficiency of nutrient uptake, diversion of resources to try to combat that situation, etc. etc. Your herd will show the effects in terms of production, reproduction, and health problems.

Right now you have one more month to take advantage of a promotion on Select BioCyclePlus™. How is that relevant to this discussion? BioCyclePlus combines two products, Select DTX, our advanced biological activator of mycotoxin rejection and control, with Select BioCycle, offering enhanced balancing of gut immune functions to improve response to foreign antigens and reduce intestinal inflammatory events. One plus One. But, in this case, one plus one equals so much more than two! Restore gut health, improve reproductive functions, enhance milk and milk constituents, reduce resource demands to control challenges, improve overall cow health, and, yes, even improve chances of stronger, healthier calves. And with Fall arriving, one of the peak times for fungal activity in feeds, and odd weather having produced some other challenges for feed quality, give your herd its best chance for optimal results going into the new year. Your Agrarian Solutions or Select Sires representative can give you more information and help you take advantage of October’s BioCycle Plus promotion. Opt for that desirable immune response. One plus one can equal so much more than two!

John Doerr, Ph.D., PAS, Dpl. ACAP - Vice President, Science and Technology - Agrarian Solutions

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