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Optimize Digestion This Summer


By: Greg Muchmore

I was recently walking through free stalls with a prominent nutritionist- checking cow condition, checking manure, etc and we noticed some corn and fiber particles showing up in the manure. I asked him, how much TMR do you think is actually absorbed in the cow’s system? The response was quick – sometimes only 50%. That took me back- If we only get 50% digestion in some herds, we have a lot of room for improvement – If we could only get to 100% of digestion, just think what that would do to milk/feed ratios!

So, let’s think about what prevents digestion- it could be a number of things, acidosis, high soluble protein, too much fat in the ration or the wrong type of fat coating fiber particles, gram-negative bacteria (salmonella, e-coli), minerals in the water, heat (because cows are panting and not chewing) – and that’s just for starters.

Now is the time for you to think of a heat strategy – fans, sprinklers, shade – the normal stuff – but what about digestion? A cow will produce 30-50 gallons of saliva per day and in that saliva, there is the equivalent of 7-10 pounds of bicarb, but when its hot, cows pant – up to 100 times a minute – this cuts down on chewing which is the beginning of digestion, it also cuts down on fermentation which is essential for digestion which leads to production of amino acids, sugar from starch, fats, etc.

It just makes sense to be proactive about preparing your herd for the effects of summer heat and to try to get as much bang for your feed dollar – helping your cows digest more of what they are eating. Bio Cycle is designed to do just that – it contains 2 types of L-Form bacteria which floods the small intestine (main absorption site for nutrients) with competitive bacterial exclusion against the gram negatives, provides enzymes for enhanced digestion, specialized sugars to feed beneficial bacteria – all while modulating immune function to help reduce SCC. Bio Cycle is designed to help you realize a higher-level of digestion leading to more milk, higher components and better reproduction.

If you are looking for that extra something to get you to the next level, give Bio Cycle a try this summer – and take advantage of the buy 5 get one free promotion during May and June!