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Protect Your Financial and Genetic Investment in Your Calves

By: Larry Roth, Ph.D., PAS, Associate Vice President, Science and Technology

The military axiom, “the side that get there first with the most, wins” applies to the contest for establishing a calf’s healthy digestive tract: the first battle in the war for calf survival and achieving its genetic potential. A calf enters the world with a sterile digestive tract, and the contest for dominance quickly begins between the disease-causing, pathogenic bacteria, which need only 10 minutes to double their number, and the health-promoting bacteria requiring 30 minutes to double their population. To further compound the problem, a calf at birth is dependent upon its innate immune system with non-specific immunoglobulins for protection against pathogenic bacteria and viruses, and must receive adequate colostrum quickly after birth for more specific immunoglobulins for pathogen protection. The CONVERT™ Day-One Calf Gel and CONVERT™ Day-One Calf Bolus both contain components to support the dominance of health-promoting bacteria and the developing immune system, while hindering the pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Lactic acid-producing bacteria: 15cc of the Calf Gel and one Calf Bolus feature 5 billion colony-forming units of beneficial bacteria (E. faecium, L. acidophilus and B. longum) to:

  • Outcompete pathogenic bacteria for attachment sites in the small intestine, thereby denying the pathogens the chance to colonize and increase in number
  • Attach to the small intestine lining to enhance nutrient absorption to support immune development and body weight growth
  • Stabilize digestive tract pH below levels conducive to pathogen growth
  • Produce organic compounds which hinder pathogen growth

L-form lactic acid-producing bacteria or cell wall-deficient bacteria to:

  • Colonize small intestinal mucosal lining to protect the intestinal wall integrity to prevent pathogens from invading the calf’s body
  • Enhance proper immune response to pathogenic bacteria and viruses while avoiding excessive inflammation
  • Stabilize digestive tract pH below levels conducive to pathogen growth

Specialized proteins, obtained from the egg yolks of chickens vaccinated against pathogenic bacteria, viruses and a protozoa, to:

  • Target and attach to pathogenic bacteria, viruses and a harmful protozoa, thereby preventing their increase in population and assisting in their destruction
  • Have a greater binding capacity to pathogens than colostrum-derived immunoglobulins
  • Provide activity against E. coli K88 and K99; Salmonella typhimirium and Dublin, along with cross-reactivity against 14 other Salmonella species; Clostridium perfringens A and C; Bovine rota virus G6 and G10; bovine corona virus; and Cryptosporidium.

Enzymes to assist in initial digesta breakdown and to provide key nutrients for the growth of health-promoting bacteria.

The initial hours and days of a calf’s life determine its survival and ability to achieve its genetic potential as an adult animal. Providing either 15cc of Calf Gel or one Calf Bolus at birth, and again at the first incidence of health mishaps, are the base of the Agrarian Calf Program and essential for protecting your financial and genetic investment in your calves. Contact your Select Sires or Agrarian Solutions representative for more information on the Calf Gel and Calf Bolus.

Convert Gel
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