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Why Select BioCycle?

By: Chad Christensen

There are many products in the market today for Immune Modulation, so why Select Biocycle? 

The Select Biocycle L-Form Technology is more than other Direct Fed Microbials.  Often conventional 
DFMs are full potency in the manufacturer’s package but not able to survive when mixed in the ration 
for extended periods.  Stripped of their cell walls, they are much more active than other bacteria.  
Because they are dormant until consumed, L-form bacteria have an excellent shelf life and survive, 
allowing them to reach the lower digestive system unharmed.  Select BioCycle contains two separate 
L-form bacteria, enhancing the function and population of the microflora in the lower gut. 
Select BioCycle also contains both yeast culture and live cell yeast that produces a broad range of 
metabolites including B-vitamins, a broad-based enzyme package to enhance nutrient digestions, 
specialized proteins for the unexpected challenges, microbial sugars for the nourishment of other 
gut microbes and potassium iodide to enhance metabolism.

Dairy producers utilize Select Biocycle to counteract the effects of ration changes from new forages 
and negative effects from stress on reproduction, production, and SCC. Select Biocycle will help 
produce strong heat expression and improve digestion.  It will also modulate immune systems to 
improve the ability to control mycotoxins in the low challenge range.

Beef producers utilize Select Biocycle prior to synchronization programs for strong heat expression 
as well as in feedlots during stress related times such as pen moves and feed changes.  Select Biocycle 
will help maintain intakes creating a healthy animal minimizing days on feed and antibiotic treatments.

Often a herd cannot attain maximum performance, reproduction, and genetic potential because of the 
animal’s inability to deal with stress. The L-form Lactobacillus along with the other specialized 
ingredients in the Select BioCycle line of products enhance the animal’s immune system to overcome 
the negative effects of everyday challenges and stress.