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By: Greg Muchmore, Regional Sales Representative - Agrarian Solutions

The silo is full, bunker is packed and covered, last cutting of hay is in, and it’s time to get that new ration fine-tuned.  You call your nutritionist to have him pull samples of all feeds to test to know what protein, energy, fiber and minerals you have in your forages so he/she can write you the perfect ration supplement program for maximum production and profitability- hopes are high for a good year in the dairy business! 

But there is one thing you may be leaving out – one thing that could throw a monkey wrench into that perfect ration you want to have- one thing that could cause low production, breeding problems and yes, even death loss- it’s the presence of mycotoxins.  How do you know if you have them?  The answer is to test on a regular basis – and with a lab that can accurately detect those which negatively affect dairy animals. And, work with someone who can interpret those levels- for instance, there is much confusion in the industry between the levels of mycotoxins which may contaminate meat, milk or eggs for human consumption vs the levels which will begin to negatively affect animal performance.

Your Select Sires representative is trained to be able to pull samples (preferably tmr) and send to an independent lab which uses the most advanced procedure in the industry to detect the levels of 17 different mycotoxins known to negatively affect dairy animals.  If significant levels are found, Select Sires offers an exclusive way to offset the effects of mycotoxins through L-form bacteria, with a mode of action much more effective than the typical binder approach.  In addition, your Select Sires rep will pull samples on a regular basis to monitor mycotoxin levels (our products are rated based on toxin load) and share this information with your nutritionist to develop a team approach to give you the biggest bang for the buck.

And here’s the best part- this service is free through Select Sires as long as you are on the L-form program.  We offer different products to address different challenges (high SCC, reproduction, production, sporadic diarrhea, general health, digestion).  Let your nutritionist know you want to take advantage of this opportunity and know more about your feed and what’s really in there!