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Are you experiencing issues caused by molds and their metabolites, unexplained mastitis, elevated SCS, poor manure consistency, poor estrus expression, or a high cull rate?

Select DTX™ is a unique direct-fed microbial product that is more effective than other DFMs because of the presence of L-form bacteria. Select DTX™ is designed specifically for feed challenges caused by molds and their metabolites. Select DTX™ should be fed when: feed ingredients are in poor condition; when symptoms are present and when feed assays show problems. Common signs of these problems are: loose manure, low or erratic feed consumption, reduced milk production, elevated somatic cell count, and poor reproductive performance including weak heats, cystic cows and even abortions. Select DTX™ enhances the immune system to assist the cow when faced with these challenges.

Solutions need to provide security, economy, and convenience for dairy farmers.

On-Farm Results Showcase Security

Select DTX™ is formulated to control mold-derived feed challenges and provide immune support to cattle. It is not a binder. Rather, it initiates and optimizes an absorptive cell regulatory mechanism in the host animal’s intestinal epithelium.

The expected outcomes of using Select DTX™ in dairy rations:

  • Improved reproductive performance
  • High-quality general health
  • More milk yields and constituents

On farm dairy trials support the efficacy of using Select DTX™ in the face of multiple mycotoxin exposures. Four herds are shown in Figure 1 that all had unresolved problems associated with chronic exposure to deoxynivalenol (DON), zearalenone, and other fungal toxins including T-2/HT-2, mycophenolic acid, fumonisin(s) and citrinin. The citrinin, a renal toxin, was found on only one farm, and it was the only one detected. It is an infrequent contaminant, and little is known about its effects in cattle.

Pregnancy Rates

Each of the herds was showing significant reproductive failures. Changes in pregnancy rates are shown; however, other metrics, such as 1st service conceptions and improved estrus expression follow similar patterns.

Select DTX™ was chosen to mitigate these challenges. Figure 1 shows the improvements in pregnancy rates within 60-90 days of dosing, even for the herd with citrinin, attesting to the broad spectrum protection afforded by this biological approach to mycotoxin control.

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