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Genie In A Bottle (Jar)

Dan Hoying - Regional Sales Manager - Agrarian Solutions

Every producer is taking a hard look at their expenses these days. They sometimes make cuts that they know will hurt cow’s performance, then hope to find “a Genie in a bottle” in the feedbunk to keep cows healthy in spite of their management decisions. They tend to get tunnel vision when cuts are made. Every good dairyman understands the importance of minimizing health stress on a cow is linear to her reproductive and production success.

Cows are leaving herds an average of 6 months quicker than they did in 1980. National culling rate is ~39%. Research shows a dairyman needs a cow to complete 2 lactations before she starts paying her way. Every health event costs the producer an average of ~$350.00. Every cow leaving the herd before her 3rd lactation needs to be compensated with a new animal. Reducing a dairy’s heifer population has shown to be economically beneficial. Bottom line; cows leaving the herd early is not good dairy business. Maybe the “genie in the bottle” is treating cows to minimize health events throughout her lifetime. This will keep her in the herd longer to maximize her ability to produce more milk than her younger herd mates.

Research shows improving body condition score, reducing Somatic Cell counts and having a normal functioning immune system will help improve cow reproduction. Keeping cows in the herd that breed back on time and last more than 2 lactations are paramount to any dairy’s profitability. BioFresh Bolus is a valuable tool in any dairyman’s treatment room to help any health event that causes reduced feed intakes and compromised immune systems. BioFresh Bolus will help treat or provide insurance during transition after calving or any health event during the lactation. The recommendation is 1-2 boluses a day for several days at freshening or increase the dose when a health event occurs, depending on the health of a cow and her ability to fight off the disease. Good health management always costs less than bad!

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