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BIOFRESH Microbial Bolus

Individual Animal Supplement for Use During Times of Stress

SKU: 11011

A super concentrated form of Select BioCycle, BioFresh® Bolus is an individual animal supplement for use during stressful times (freshening, sick, off-feed, etc.). Research conducted at Southern Illinois University proves BioFresh Bolus to be effective in reducing LSCC, days open and services per conception.

Ideal for fresh cows, BioFresh Bolus supplies critical vitamins and minerals to supplement a cow’s variable intake, and aids in immune function by providing L-form Lactobacillus, microbial sugars and specialized proteins. BioFresh Bolus triggers a digestive response from its yeast and enzymes and boosts a cow’s immune system at the highest-stress period in a typical lactation – freshening. BioFresh Bolus is also beneficial to sick and off-feed cows, as it provides necessary nutritional requirements; and can be used as a supplement for treated cows in combating high somatic cell counts.


Ingredients: 8X dose of BioCycle with added vitamins and minerals

Focus: Assists Somatic Cell Count (SCC) by boosting immune functions of cows affected with environmental mastitis challenges. The direct-fed microbial action gets fresh cows on feed faster, reducing metabolic disorders and Displaced Abomasum (DA’s)

Feeding Rate: 1 bolus per day for three days at freshening

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