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Select BioCycle

A New Approach to Direct-Fed Microbials

SKU: 9091

Many dairy supplements belong to a product class called direct-fed microbials (DFM). Such products assist animals by repopulating stressed digestive systems. Typically, they contain supplemental yeast and naturally occurring freeze-dried microorganisms. Most commercial products have some positive effect, however shelf life and feedstuff compatibility have been challenges facing these products. Often conventional DFMs are full potency in the manufacturer’s package but not able to survive when mixed in the ration for extended periods.

Select BioCycle™ is recommended when performance improvements are needed in reproduction, and overall herd health. Select BioCycle™ is not appropriate when mold-challenged feeds are the major problem.

One of the key factors making Select BioCycle™ more effective is the presence of L-form bacteria. The L-form bacteria found in the BioCycle line, are unequaled among DFM products. Stripped of their cell walls, they are much more active than their less-developed relatives. Because they are dormant until consumed, L-form bacteria have an excellent shelf life and survive when mixed with high mineral feed ingredients; allowing them to reach the lower digestive system unharmed.

Select BioCycle™ contains two separate L-form bacteria, enhancing the function and population of the microflora in the lower gut. Select BioCycle™ also contains both yeast culture and live cell yeast that produce a broad range of metabolites including B-vitamins, a broad based enzyme package to enhance nutrient digestions, specialized proteins for the unexpected challenges, microbial sugars for nourishment of other gut microbes and potassium iodide to enhance metabolism.


Ingredients: Two types of L-form Lactobacillus, two sources of yeast, four digestive enzymes, microbial sugars and specialized proteins

Focus: Excellent direct-fed microbial, aiding in boosting immune function, digestion and resisting everyday environment challenges

Feeding Rate: One-half ounce per head per day to animals not exposed to mold produced environmental challenges

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